2022 年 11 月 2 日 | 台北場
2022 年 11 月 3 日 | 新竹場


Accelerating Software Development and System Validation for Arm-based Systems

Innovation across the electronic industry in markets such as HPC, Mobile, Automotive, AR/VR is fueled by semiconductor and software advance. Optimized software and chips are key to system success. In this talk we will explain how Synopsys and Arm collaborate to offer a full range of system design solutions for architecture design, software development, system validation, power and performance exploration. We will explain how Arm-based systems using the newest Arm IP together with Synopsys IP are modeled using virtual prototypes, emulation and prototyping providing the fastest and earliest platforms to accelerate the overall development schedule.

Thomas Li
VP of Application Engineering , Synopsys
Thomas Li is currently the Vice President of Application Engineering of Synopsys with 25+ experiences in EDA/ASIC industry. He had been serving the industry with various senior management positions including ASIC methodology consulting engineers, technical and product marketing, business development and application engineering at multiple industrial leading companies including Mentor Graphis (now Siemens EDA), SpringSoft and Synopsys.
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