2022 年 11 月 2 日 | 台北場
2022 年 11 月 3 日 | 新竹場


Open RAN and 5G - Addressing the Performance and TCO Challenges

開放、分拆式的 RAN 架構從 2020 年以來吸引了大量關注。營運商追求更具成本效益和迅捷的網路,以及更廣大的生態系與創新基礎,協助他們遷移至虛擬平台。然而,在部署和支援 5G 的複雜技術和網路架構方面存在著挑戰,例如容量、更高的資料傳輸率、網路/ RAN 上的信號超載和能譜效率等問題。營運商正在探索新的開放商業模式來應對其中的一些挑戰。在本次座談中,營運商、晶片和系統整合的主要業者將與我們一起討論影響這些轉變的趨勢,以及 Arm 生態系如何在 5G 及往後的世代取得成功。

Imran Yusuf
Director, Hardware Ecosystem, Infrastructure Line of Business , Arm
Imran is a seasoned high-tech veteran with 20 years of experience in business development and building global partner ecosystems. At Arm, Imran is responsible for the hardware and ISV ecosystem GTM strategy. Imran launched the Arm 5G Solutions Lab and SystemReady testing labs to accelerate adoption of Arm hardware platforms. Imran graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with dual Masters degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. He also holds four patents related to microprocessor cooling and has published several technical papers. He enjoys playing tennis, swimming and outdoor activities with his family.
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