2022 年 11 月 2 日 | 台北場
2022 年 11 月 3 日 | 新竹場


Mobilizing the Ecosystem for Arm SoC’s in Infrastructure​

Arm 一直以來在推動創新和培育開放多元的生態系不遺餘力。這種模式加速了合作夥伴解決方案的上市時間,在嵌入式領域更是如此。成功的秘訣是在客製化和標準化之間取得平衡。隨著我們在基礎設施等領域的布局不斷擴大,考量點轉而變成如何設定界限,讓硬體合作夥伴有一定的差異化和自由度,同時讓 ISV、OSV 和開發人員在不同的 Arm 平台無縫接軌。在本場次,我們將探討:
• 該如何拿捏此界線 (SystemReady、OCP、開源專案計畫等) 及彼此的依賴關係。
• 該如何從 IP 旅程中的 SoC 設計、驗證、啟動和導入製程著手。
• 我們正共同採取哪些行動。

Imran Yusuf
Director, Hardware Ecosystem, Infrastructure Line of Business , Arm
Imran is a seasoned high-tech veteran with 20 years of experience in business development and building global partner ecosystems. At Arm, Imran is responsible for the hardware and ISV ecosystem GTM strategy. Imran launched the Arm 5G Solutions Lab and SystemReady testing labs to accelerate adoption of Arm hardware platforms. Imran graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with dual Masters degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. He also holds four patents related to microprocessor cooling and has published several technical papers. He enjoys playing tennis, swimming and outdoor activities with his family.
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